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Lastname Firstname Uniform# Picture Contract Contract Code Position
Alverio Collazo Jose M   Administrative COA NA
Carradero Muriel Jose M   Administrative COA NA
Hernandez Santiago Carlos Javier   Administrative COA COA
Rivera Cora Hector Emilio 20 Administrative COA COA
Santana Falero Roberto   Administrative COA NA
Muñoz Jimenez Jaime   Administrative MGR NA
Diaz Herpin Adan O   Other BPA NA
Rabassa Laboy Juan A   Other PRM NA
Diaz Lebron Luis Y   Other TPT NA
Romero Delgado Jose A.   Other TPT NA
Alvarez Calixto Omayra   Other TRA NA
Arroyo Tarraza Kevin R Player PLA IF
Cochran Garcia Richard M Player PLA OF
Rosario Oyola Angel D Player PLA OF
Colon Barbosa Emmanuel   Player PLA UT
Figueroa Lebron Adiel F 32 Player PLA P
Figueroa Lugo Rey Manuel   Player PLA C
Gonzalez Delfaus Pedro J 63 Player PLA OF
Hernandez Rodriguez Luis J 17 Player PLA IF
Lozada Gonzalez Roque   Player PLA P
Marcano Rodriguez Abdiel F   Player PLA UT
Melendez Peña Rene Ivan 25 Player PLA C
Morales Alicea German   Player PLA UT
Ojeda Flores Gabriel   Player PLA C
Ortega Gonzalez Jose L 4 Player PLA P
Ortiz Gonzalez Arnaldo J   Player PLA P
Ramos Hernandez Vincent C.   Player PLA OF
Ramos Santos Roque L 29 Player PLA P
Rios Reyes Salliam Y   Player PLA IF
Rivera Blondet Dariel   Player PLA C
Rivera Lopez Edgardo   Player PLA C
Rivera Torres Jose M. 3 Player PLA IF
Rodriguez Martinez Carlos I   Player PLA P
Santiago Gomez Eric J   Player PLA UT
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